TICKET’s main goal is to provide enhanced training to staff who support students. The European Union has a vision that the future of the Erasmus+ programme will promote and optimise international mobility by reducing the administrative burden and providing improved digital support and guidance for students. Equipping staff with intercultural competence skills is crucial to supporting effectively the internationalisation of the student experience, both abroad and at home.

The project’s overall aim is to create a more international and inclusive university for the 21st century. The European and global landscapes have changed significantly in recent years, and Europe in particular received a substantial number of refugees since 2015. Thus, training university staff to develop intercultural competences and successfully support their students who are going abroad may also help to create a welcoming space within their own institutions for recently arrived students who are beginning to build a new life. The TICKET consortium anticipates that these societal changes are more of a central feature of this century than a passing trend, and for this purpose seeks to prepare institutions around the world for the challenges ahead.

New educational technologies enable the project to deliver this support at scale within and outside of the consortium via a suite of tailor-made ICT Tools that will be shared in open access.