TICKET started out as an Erasmus+ Project, with the main goal of providing enhanced training to staff who support students. Having to study, teach, collaborate, and live in different culturally diverse contexts can present serious intercultural challenges within higher education institutions (HEIs) and requires particular skills, knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours to deal with increasing diversity. These attributes, collectively termed intercultural competence, enable effective studying, living, and working across different cultural boundaries. TICKET responds to the increasing diversity of Higher Education by creating opportunities for staff to develop IC in order to take advantage of the benefits and confront the challenges arising from the increasing number of intercultural encounters that take place within the classroom and workplace.


Given the increasing heterogeneity of the student population within any given institution, it has become a priority for HEIs in particular to train staff members to acquire diversity skills. It is this need for IC training and development for HEI faculty and staff which the TICKET project resources have been designed to address. Our vision is to provide such training on dealing with classroom diversity, along with resources relating to the other challenges faced by HEIs in their reality as highly intercultural places of study and work, in an accessible way that can be implemented locally.