International Staff Week 1 - Virtual, May 2021

Due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, the TICKET Project held its first International Staff Week virtually from May 17th – 21st 2021. Although we could not meet in person, the project took advantage of the virtual format to invite staff from HEIs all over the globe to test the Training Programme modules, feed into the development of the Staff Toolkit, and learn the benefits of joining the TICKET Community of Practice. We were able to gather valuable feedback from the attendees to help further develop project’s outputs. The virtual event consisted of four interactive webinars:

1.“Let’s go abroad! Supporting students and staff to make mobility truly intercultural”
2.“Internationalising teaching and learning”
3.“How to encourage contact among diverse groups of students”
4.The TICKET Community of Practice: supporting academics and professional staff with holistic skills in intercultural competence

TICKET International Staff Week 2 - Bologna, May 2022

The first in-presence TICKET International Staff Week was hosted by the University of Bologna between 23 and 27 of May 2022. As many as 30 professionals coming from the partner universities took part in a 5-day programme that allowed them to connect and network with international colleagues through interactive IC-training activities around the following themes:

  • Student and staff mobility and their effects on campus
  • Supporting student learning and their socio-economic needs
  • The University as an intercultural workplace

International Staff Week 3 – Berlin, November 2022

The final International Staff Week was hosted by Freie Universität Berlin from 9-11 November 2022. This 3-day training allowed participants, mainly academic faculty members from various disciplines within TICKET partner universities, to connect and work together on topics including:

  • Challenging assumptions about good learning and teaching
  • The multilingual and multicultural classroom
  • Decolonisation of the curriculum
  • Making disciplines intercultural