Welcome to the TICKET Staff Toolkit

In this section you will find an overview of existing open resources and projects to further support your training experience in the TICKET modules. Each project offers free online tools and guidance to  provide academics and professional services staff with holistic skills in intercultural competence (IC). The resources are categorized but not limited to the four overarching themes of the TICKET project.

You will find a description of each project with a link to the resources and in some cases a link to webinar to help you navigate through the offered resources.

Mobility and its effects on campus

In this section, you will find interesting material that will help you improving the student’s mobility and experience abroad. You will learn how to support students in each stage of the mobility life cycle and how to make international opportunities more inclusive.

Student learning (health & socio-economical needs)

In this section, you will learn how to equip students with adequate skills that help with acknowledging soft skills and competences and improving their abroad experience. This will result into a more inclusive learning environment in higher education.

Internationalisation of the curriculum

In this section, you will learn to improve the quality in international and intercultural classrooms, designed to help students develop in-demand intercultural and entrepreneurial skills. It will also help you create a systemic change into institutions.

University as an intercultural workplace

In this section, you will find interesting resources that will help higher education institutions about international mobility and building inclusive societies. It will facilitate professional growth to public and private sectors, helping to formulate goals to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace.