The Training Programme consists of nine modules, which are organised according to these thematic areas. Each module is a self-contained training unit, so a participant can select which module(s) to take based on their needs, interests, and experience. Each module is focused on a specific topic within the broader theme it belongs to. The module topics within each theme are:

  • Theme: Mobility and its effects on campus
    • Module 1: Holistic Support for Academic Mobility
    • Module 2: Welcoming International Students and Staff
    • Module 3: Encouraging Intercultural Communication in Diverse Student Groups
  • Theme: Student learning (health and socio-economic needs)
    • Module 4: Fostering Participation and Learning for All
    • Module 5: Using Intercultural Competence to Enhance Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • Theme: Internationalisation of the curriculum
    • Module 6: Bringing Interculturality into the Curriculum
    • Module 7: The Multilingual and Multicultural Classroom
    • Module 8: Challenging Assumptions about Good Learning and Teaching
  • Theme: University as an intercultural workplace
    • Module 9: Interculturality in the Academic Workplace

Learning Materials
Each module includes an introductory video, learning objectives and outcomes, 4 to 6 different sections of learning materials, as well as further resources.

In each Module you will come across the following main types of learning materials:

  • Learning Points: Introduce and explain a module’s key concepts.
  • Activities: Contain a number of learning materials that will guide you through a task or concept step by step.
  • Exercises: Interactive content where you can test or explore what you have learned. The TICKET Training Programme contains a plethora of different exercises that range from reflective questions to gamified tasks.
  • Quizzes: Automatically scored questionnaires to help you discover more about yourself as a professional or educator.
  • Handouts: Downloadable materials you can use both within and outside the TICKET Training Programme.

You can find a detailed index for the content of each module in our TICKET Training Programme: Content Overview. To access the document, click on the link below.