Stories that Move

Stories that Move– Developed by the Anne Frank House and partners, Stories that Move is an online tool that encourages learners to think about diversity and discrimination and helps them understand their own views and choices. 

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Getting started:
  • Find the Help Page for information and tips on how to use this resource
  • Learn more about different ‘Pedagogical Approaches’. This includes an opportunity for “learners to actively explore their own relationship with the topics such as antisemitism, racism, and discrimination against LGBT+, Muslims and Roma.”

  • Teaching Materials:
  • Explore the “ready-to-use modules” within the Five Learning Paths with a general overview, or focus on the specific learning paths individually:
  • Explore visual materials provided through Videos – “a range of interviews to get learners thinking and talking”
  • Access to Worksheets – “exercises for the classroom and distance learning” – to use in delivering lessons
  • Consult the Educator’s Guides for “accompanying advice to help deliver the learning paths” available through downloadable resources
  • Sift through the Glossary for definitions and further information for individual terms