The Erasmus Skills project provides a set of innovative tools to help Erasmus students enhance and acknowledge the soft skills and competences gained thanks to their mobility experience.

Guide for Practitioners  – This resource provides guidelines to help University staff support the personal development of students that go on a learning mobility. The Guide identifies mobility-related soft-skills and competences and provides good management practices in Europe for helping Erasmus students to maximise the benefits of studying abroad by identifying those skills acquired before, during and after the student’s international experience.

Self-Assessment Questionnaire and RecommendationsQuestionnaires for students to become self-aware of the oft skills developed during mobility. It also provides recommendations for students on how to maximise their soft skills before, during and after mobility, according to their questionnaire results

Erasmus+ Webinar and Workshop Guidelines – Guidelines to design workshops on European values and culture, European integration and mobility-related skills, tailored to prepare students prior to the mobility period and facilitating integration upon return. Includes key information to prepare training sessions to help students understand the context of their upcoming mobility experience and the challenges and benefits of international mobility experiences

Learning Mobility outcomes in Curricula– Erasmus Skills has designed a new methodology for supporting academics on integrating learning mobility outcomes into curricula.