Ibelong aims to improve the experiences and outcomes of students from diverse backgrounds (in particular, migrant students and first-generation entrants) through creating a more inclusive learning environment in higher education. 

Project Resources:
  • Dialogue Days - This series of activities “bring together students and staff from a particular course or programme of study, and create a safe space in which to discuss diversity, belonging and success” in either face-to-face, online, or in a blended format.
  • Team Teacher Reflections (TTR)– This resource is “a guided set of immersive collaborative sessions designed for teacher teams (teachers of the same course program), aimed at making teaching more inclusive and supportive of/for a diverse student body by offering teaching staff tools and support necessary to constructively deal with challenges and questions in a diverse classroom.”

  • Sign up to the international, English-language Community MentoringThis programme includes “Students as Community Builders” which is designed for experienced graduate migrant and first generation students, who will be trained to become community-building mentors for undergraduate students through a series of workshops. Manuals for this programme are offered in English, Dutch, German and Portuguese.