UNICORN is an EU-funded project that is testing a new international mobility scheme combining international mobility in the higher education area with a service-learning approach.  Explore more about the UNICORN Model, which “combines student international mobility with an experience of service-learning & community engagement abroad.” This page outlines the programme’s Objectives and the Development of the Model.

Project Resources:

Training Resources offered on the site include:

  • The UNICORN Staff Training Handbook – this handbook serves to guide academics and community organisations’ staff in co-designing UNICORN Projects
  • The UNICORN MOOC – this learning tool focuses on two main topics: ‘Service-Learning & Community Engagement’ and ‘Intercultural Competences.’

  • Other Tools consist of:

  • The UNICORN Living Catalogue - this presents the details of 16 SL projects, which are included in the educational offer of the UNICORN partner universities.
  • The UNICORN Administrative Toolkit – this toolkit illustrates how to embed the service-learning pedagogy in different formats of international mobility: long-term mobility, short-term mobility, blended mobility and virtual mobility.’
  • The UNICORN Recommendations for policy makers explains the benefits of the UNICORN model and it connects it to the European, national and institutional policies that it can serve.