Escape Racism

The Escape Racism project encourages learners to promote the respect of human rights, combat racism and discrimination, and act as multipliers for their peers. The project’s main aim is to build inclusive societies by facilitating the professional growth of youth workers and fostering the personal development of youth, especially those with fewer opportunities. 

Project Resources:

Escape Racism Handbook – this downloadable handbook was ‘developed with the aim of supporting youth workers and educators in their work with different topics and target groups such as refugees and migrants, NEETs, young people from rural areas and with geographical obstacles, Roma, and youth with disa

Toolkit – this downloadable toolkit is a strongly practical instrument for educators and trainers, which offers practical guidelines as well as other logistics and materials.

Pilot Phase – this webpage outlines the format of Escape Racism’s “pilot course” which ‘aims at creating innovative tools and non-formal education methods for youth workers and young people in general. ’ This page includes a downloadable ‘Methodology’ and ‘Testing Report.’

Web Platform – this platform digitalises the contents produced during the project such as the contents of the Toolkit, and provides free online educational materials to trainers and educators.

Open Educational Resources – these resources include activities created through the project and includes a Virtual Escape Room Catalogue, a closer look at specific Topics, and a Guide to the Resources.