Diversity Charter

The Diversity Charter is a declaration of intent that focuses on employers from the public and the private sector. By signing the Charter, organisations commit to self-formulated goals to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace. 

Project Resources:

Knowledge Platform – this resource focuses on ‘five dimensions of diversity including gender, age, LGBTI, disabilities or chronic illness and ethnic, cultural and religious background. ’ Championing diversity starts with ‘an open organisational culture where differences are valued.’

Project Reports:
  • The expert report Diversity in recruitment and selection contains practical information and tips relating to the work towards greater diversity in the composition of companies’ and organisations’ workforces.
  • How do we get from cultural diversity on the work floor to an inclusive corporate culture? The expert report ‘From Cultural Diversity to Inclusion’ answers this question and provides practical recommendations and tips for employers.
  • Web Platform – this platform digitalises the contents produced during the project such as the contents of the Toolkit, and provides free online educational materials to trainers and educators.

    Open Educational Resources – these resources include activities created through the project and includes a Virtual Escape Room Catalogue, a closer look at specific Topics, and a Guide to the Resources.